Social Media and Search Engines Explored More

A little bit of housekeeping. The free telephone guy that I wanted to bring over made sense after a bit of investigation. Wil demonstrated some apps and web sites that basically offer this already. Free Wifi is all over the place now and these free telephone apps are starting to cash in somehow. So I apologize for the guy who is essentially, simply selling $150 smart phones that his story was incredible but it's hard not to wonder about a poster that begins "(the name of these two dudes from the Eastside) they have seen the future, and it is GOOD. Free hi speed WiFi shall set u free. Free of telephone bills forever for calls almost anywhere in Canada. Will the zeal of missionaries, they plan to spread the blessings of affordable phone and communication services ..."

Next study group (Feb. 27 2016) we will be videotaping Wil's presentation on cyber-culture's effect on society. They'll be a quick question and answer session after each ten minute segment. We will be using this for a quick video editing in Youtube primer.

Now about this week's study group; Social Media. Once upon a time someone came up with the concept of web logging. That is when one would regularly provide short blurbs about this or that and update his ideas regularly. Soon someone else called it blogging and that took off pretty good. All of sudden micro-blogging came along complete with its hash-tags and limited characters. Twit heads spewed from news and fashion and movie sources into a bewildering chorus of burbling tweets. Facebook posts and G+ posts evolved into mainstream microblog platforms; Google figuring out a decent product a bit late in the game. We didn't even bother talking about such nuisances as Instagram and Pinterest let alone contemplate anything LinkedIn to anything.

We looked at most of the pros and cons of each platform. we then experimented with creating Facebook fan pages and Google+ Pages for our Digital media study Group.

As an experiment. We wrote a post that was available in the search engine results within five seconds and ranked second on the first page mainly because the search engine recognized that our IP address just wrote it.

We discussed how important it is to establish trust with the search engine by continually offering it unique and well crafted content. This included optimization of image attributes and videos. we demonstrated how social media triggers can effect search engine rankings. Fred pointed out that Google search results often contained G+ posts in the first page of results but rarely would show a Facebook fan page equivalent.

It was noted that when working with Google products such as Blogger and Google+ that it is better to use Google's Chrome browser. Other common web browser are often limited, malfunction or even completely non-responsive to Google products.

We had our meal ticket draw and a bit of a social and it all ended rather peacefully.

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